Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Top 5 Series: Lip Products!

Another Wednesday and another Top 5, this week its lip products. From the traditional lipstick, to lipgloss and lipstains I am covering them all! 

A while back I did a full review the Maybelline Colour sensational lipstains which you can find here. I was so glad I found lipstains because their staying power is so great, being a stain. My favourite shade is Wink of Pink which gives a really natural colour to the lips even when built up and by the end of the day leaves a light blush to the lip. Plus they smell really nice which is always good.

Rimmel has always been one of my favourite 'drugstore' make up brand. Their lipsticks are one of my main choices of things to buy from their collections. My top shade from Rimmel is 'Pink Blush' It is the most perfect pink for my skin tone which I am so happy with, I wore this so much when I first got it but I haven't seen it in store for a while so I'm kind of trying to save it until I can get a back up. The application is so smooth and creamy and only a couple of coats gives off such a nice colour. I believe this cost me between £4 and £5 which is a really good price. 

I think there are so many people out there who love MACs Shy Girl lipstick. It's a beautiful nude peachy colour in crèmesheen form which applies so nicely and can be built to deepen the colour. I wore it a tonne after I got it for Christmas (thanks santa!) and it goes nicely with my skin tone now that I am a little pale thanks to winter. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like when I have a tan so I can hopefully get more wear from it. I think the crèmesheen formula is my favourite so far.

Another MAC product. Boy Bait is the only MAC lipgloss I own and I love it! It is the perfect pink shade to wear on top of any nude or light pink lipstick to add a bit of shine to the lips. The crèmesheen glass consistency means that it is also a gloss that can be worn alone to give a little natural looking colour to the lips. It is also not sticky at all which is a huge bonus because I absolutely hate sticky lipgloss. I will definitely be repurchasing this when mine runs out because it is quickly becoming a staple in my make up routine.   

Show off is my favourite topshop lipstick, I am actually wearing it today. It is a really nice hot pink colour which literally requires the lightest of applications to get the full colour effect. It glides on so smoothly and has seriously good staying power, I have had it on since 11am and I still haven't had to reapply it. Is it just me or do topshop lipsticks have a sweet scent to them, because I always think of jelly beans when I use this, weird. It costs £6 however I must warn you that the topshop lipstick collection is so nice so you may end up spending a little more than £6 if you ever go in there. 



  1. The MAC Boy Bait lipgloss looks really nice! I don't tend to use/wear lip sticks or glosses much, normally just my carmex. Maybe I should explore them more?!

    1. Start with drugstore because they are just as good as high end! X

  2. This is a great post, all fo my lipsticks are MAC and I myself think that is pointless and stupid! xD This has definitely given me some ideas :)

  3. My lips are too dry for lipstains, gutted.

  4. Great ideas, I need to infuse my routine with some life!

  5. Nice review, i love that first lipstain!!

  6. Really want to try the lipstains! :)


  7. I love Rimmel and Mac lipsticks! Xx


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