Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Braces: The Fitting

Hello everyone, my teeth feel funny! I went to my orthodontist this morning to get my braces fitted and now my teeth feel weird. I thought I was getting my top and bottom braces fitted today but I was told that my bottom teeth will take less time to straighten then my top teeth, also more space is needed on my top teeth so right now all I have on is half a brace on my front top teeth to move them to get space. Once all this is done and I have 2 teeth out I will get my full braces on. 

I've heard so many stories about braces so I was really nervous about going in and getting it done this morning. I had to have some 'mug shots' taken as well as moulds of my teeth. I nearly threw up when I had my top mould done due to the paste being so far back I nearly gagged but of course I couldn't mention that to the orthodontist because of the mould (wahh) My teeth were polished and cleaned before the brace was put on. I hardly noticed him putting the little bead things on and only felt a bit of a tight feeling when the wire was put it, I worked myself up over nothing really (typical).  
After it was fitted I went and had an aftercare meeting and they gave me soo much information! I have two information packs telling me common pains, issues with the brace and how to deal with discomfort as well as what not to eat and drink and how to take care of it. 
The Info Packs!

I also got given a 'goodie bag' containing all sorts of things I will be needing to use regularly. Including a travel toothbrush (the pink one is a baby toothbrush) mouthwash, sensitive toothpaste,  lip balm, wax and lots of little brushes for various parts of my mouth. I was advised to buy bonjela as ulcers are common so I am well stocked up on that! I am going to create an 'on the go' bag to put in my bag or take to college because I'm going to need this stuff a lot!

Right now I am feeling okay, I'm in no pain but my teeth just feel weird like there is pressure on them (which there is) I am going to head to Tesco in a bit and stock up on all foods that I can eat right and cry at the foods I can't.

My new years giveaway is now closed and the winner is.....

NADIN Life With Nadin! I will be E-mailing you shortly to get some information! Congratulations Nadin! 
Thank you to everyone else who entered, there is always next time! 

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  1. I am so jel of your brace! would love to have my teeth fixed. You're very lucky :).


  2. Congrats to Nadin!

    So cute that they gave you a little pack of goodies to get you started with your brace!

    1. They have thought of everything. Full size and travel size! X

  3. I never needed braces but ive always wanted them haha i want to get invisalign! They sent a lot of goodies home with you!! And im so excited i won, thank you!

  4. thats so exciting! i'm getting invisilign pretty soon! I can't wait to have straight pretty teeth!

    1. I was going to get invisilign but my orthodontist said it would make my teeth stick out a bit so I have a white and clear brace :) X

  5. braces aren't as bad as you think! its bad when you get them tightened but you can still eat the foods you normally eat (just stay away from lollys!)

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  6. The goody bag has just great stuff! hope the brace doesn't cause much discomfort.x

  7. Those teeny little wire brushes will be your bestfriends haha, i'm getting mine off soon, exciting! x


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