Saturday, 21 January 2012

Collective Haul

Recently I have been doing a little bit of 'sale' shopping, since I have put myself on a beauty spending ban I have turned to clothes and accessories. I am thinking ahead to those spring/summer months as well as having a little change of style in regards to wearing prettier more feminine t-shirts. This haul has been accumulated over  a couple of weeks and I have to put it out there that my mum paid for a couple of bits as she was buying a lot of stuff at the time and I managed to slip a few items in her pile, slyy.. The rest was all purchased with my own money! I have to say, if you aren't interested in Haul posts then please just close the page, I'm not forcing you to read this post.

Last week a put in a small Accessorize order after seeing that most of their sale items had been reduced by up to 70% as an attempt to shift it all. I was pretty impressed with the bargain prices for some really nice items! 
Ipad Case - WAS £25, NOW £7.50!
The main reason I went on Accessorize was because I had been eyeing this up in the shop a couple of times. It was reduced from £25 to £18 to £12 then to £7.50. I decided that I might as well get it for a price like that!
Cable Knit Tights - WAS £12 (each), NOW £3.60 (each)
I chose these purely because I was in need of tights and because they were so cheap. The cable knit design makes them cuter looking than a plain cream or grey pair of tights. 
Cord Bracelet - WAS £14, NOW £4.20
I chose this bracelet because it reminded me of the bracelet my boyfriend wears, which he made himself and is more boyish, without the beads obviously. It's really pretty and simple to wear everyday as well as having a girly touch with the shiny beads tied in around it.

Now onto the clothes I (and my mum) purchased from Debenhams and those clothes I purchased from Hollister and River Island.

Playsuit - River Island - £40
I saw this while out shopping with my best friend the other day and really liked. The collar and the waist detail is so cute plus the button waist gives a nice definition. I really want to wear this, hurry up sun!

Plaid Shirt - Hollister - WAS £44, NOW £22.90
I have been looking for a shirt like this for a long time and am planning on adding a few styles like this to my wardrobe. When I spotted this one under those dim lights in hollister and saw the current price I decided it was a must have. For a hollister shirt I think £22.90 is pretty reasonable. I'm planning on wearing this with denim shorts and a tank top on the cooler spring summer days.
Shirt - Debenhams - £32
This was the last one of these shirts left and it was in my size so I like to think it was meant to be. I really like the collar detail and the sheer sleeves. I think this shirt could be worn from day to night depending on how its dressed up which I will be experimenting with at some point.
Heart Jumper - Debenhams - £32
My parents actually spotted this jumper for me a couple of weeks ago and thought I would love it, they are right. It's a cream colour with a black block at the bottom and a giant pink heart, what more could you want. I chose a size 8 but it is still quite baggy so I suggest sizing down if you wanted to get this. I can't wait to wear this!
Shirt dress - Debenhams - £30
This is my favourite item I chose. I saw it on a manikin and in a poster and thought it looked so pretty on. The picture does it no justice so expect an outfit of the day including this. The shoulder, pockets and button outline are all gold lined which is such a nice contrast to the navy blue. It has a fabric tie around the waist to help define it and also comes with a slip as the shirt is completely sheer. I am so excited to wear this and hopefully pull it off as well as the manikin! 

I am now not spending any more money until pay day next month! 


  1. you got some really nice things. i love the river island playsuit and the hollister shirt. which yeh you're totally right, is a great price for one of their shirts. they can be way over priced...x

  2. Love all the things you got! Would the iPad case fit the iPad 2?xxxx

    1. I have an iPad 2 and it fits in nicely :) x

  3. Really nice things :). I love the playsuit the best.


  4. LOVE that jumper :D gorgeous!

  5. Haha i love that you've cut out beauty products and replaced it with clothes :P i love the playsuit and the heart jumper :D xxxx

  6. Love those tights especially for that price and the playsuit is so cute!

  7. I love the tights and the heart jumper! I need to get my hands on one! :)

  8. Love the jumper! It's so cute :) I missed out on the laptop cases they had in their sale :'( similar to your ipad one.

  9. I really love that heart jumper!

  10. Thank you for all the comments! X

  11. I Love Love Love the Tights, their so warm! ><

  12. I love the last item <3

    By the way, we gave you the Versatile blogger Award!

    Sabrina & Geneviève


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