Friday, 13 January 2012

How Much Does Your Face Cost?

Evening!Today's TAG post comes from Zara who tagged me in her version of this tag earlier on today. When I first red the title I was a bit like "this sounds like an interesting post!" The concept of this post is to add up the cost of the products you use on your face every day and the result will tell you how much your face costs! I currently have a few websites open ti try and give accurate costs..So here we go!

Primer: MeMeMe seventh heaven - £13
Foundation: Rimmel London match perfection gel foundation - £6.99
Concealer: Clinique anti blemish - £16
Setting Powder: Rimmel London match perfection powder - £8.99
Shine Control Powder: Rimmel London - £3.99
Blush: Vivo baked blush "Peaches & Cream" - £4
Mascara: NYC HD - £3.99
Lip Balm: Marks & Spencer Formular balm - £3
Setting Spray: Urban Decay De Slick - £19

In Total My Face Costs Me: £78.96. I would never have realised that I was putting nearly £80 worth of products on my face every day. If I included lip products and eyeshadows I wear when I get the chance it would be in the £100 level!

I am passing this on to every single one of you because it is such a fun blog post to do and I'm quite curious to see how much your face is worth! Consider yourself TAGGED!
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  1. woah nearly 80£ haha. bet you had a slight shock x

  2. Jeeeeesh, who knew it would all add up to so much!
    I daren't do it & I use rather cheap makeup too! haha such a wuss..

  3. I really need to do this, would really like to see how much I spend on my face xx

  4. I can't believe how much we all spend! xoxo

  5. It is so weird how much the cost of everything adds up too and we don't even notice haha

  6. When you pick things up in the shop it's like "oh this is only £3 that's nice and cheap" but when you do something like this you realise all these small amounts add up to big things! X

  7. love your blog following!!i'd love it if you check out mine and tell me your opinion!!

  8. ohh this is a good idea! But very scary!! I wonder how much money is on my face...
    Stace x

  9. I like so much this post. Well done.

  10. Great post, I am too scared to try this though, trying to cut down on what I spend on make up! XX


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