Monday, 9 January 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I was given this award by the lovely Claire! I am very thankful for receiving blogger awards, its always nice knowing there are people out there who think my little ramblings are worthy of these awards! Thank you very much Claire! So, with like most of these awards there are rules and there are fun things to do to so here we go!

What you have to do:
1. Link back to the person that gave you this award. 
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Award 10 other bloggers and let them know. 
4. Share 7 random facts about yourself.


1. Name Your Favourite Song
I think it will probably have to be 'When I Look At You' By Miley Cyrus. Miley is one of my all time favourite artists and this song is so touching and full of emotion. It makes me tear up nearly every time I listen to it. Listen.
2. Name Your Favourite Desert
Warm chocolate sponge cake with chocolate custard, yum!
3. What Ticks You Off?
Idiot drivers who want the entire road. Get out of my lane fool!
4. When I'm Upset I...
Sit on my mums lap and cry, still at the age of 18. Sometimes I will just sit on the floor in my room and cry.
5. Favourite Pet
My Shih Tzu puppy dog, Jasper.
6. Black or White
I have a white phone & Ipad, so white.
7. Biggest Fear
Failure. I have such big dreams and not being able to achieve them would disappoint me.
8. Everyday Attitude
I completely agree with Claire's answer of Karma, I truly believe 'What goes around comes around'
9. What Is Perfection
Personally, I don't think perfection really exists. You can claim something or someone is perfect but everyone has their flaws and those things make them unique.
10. Guilty Pleasure
One Direction. Enough said really..

7 Random Facts:
- I want to be a personal trainer but still haven't been to a gym
- I am not a huge fan of flying but I love America
-I'd love to live in America but it will never happen
- I love college, It motivates me to achieve
- My right ear sticks out further than my left but you would only notice it if I showed you.
- I have too many pairs of shoes, I still want to buy more.
- Leopard print is my thing, in moderation. 

10 Fabulous Bloggers:
-Maddie ~ vintagebeautyx
- Siobhan ~ agirlandabeautyblog
- Holli ~ dragonmommy123
- Nadin ~ mainesprincess
- Lucy ~ lucyywrites01
- Heather ~ heather226
Trayci ~pleasemayi

Some of my all time favourite ladies, make sure you get over there and check every single one of them out, and follow them! 


  1. I like that Miley Cyrus song as well, and ya also a big believer of Karma!!

  2. Glad you liked the award :) I have given you another one

    Lots of awards flying around recently! Xx

  3. Thanks char. I shall be doing this soon.

    Lots of love Trayci

    X x


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