Saturday, 28 January 2012

CNL: Mermaid To Order

I haven't done a Current Nail Look in ages so I figured next time I paint my nails I would do one. Today is that day! I must apologise for the rubbish pictures, my camera was running out of battery and kept freezing and turning off. not cool. 

'Mermaid To Order' is my all time favourite OPI nail varnish colour. It changes from blue to teal to turquoise to green depending on the light its in. So freaking pretty! 

On the nails. In the picture it looks turquoise/blue but in person it definitely has a fair amount of teal/green reflex which is so pretty. 'Tempted By Teal' is an almost identical colour with more of a green undertone which is currently on sale on my blog sale so if you like this then you will like that colour too!

I need to start getting more CNLs up but I keep forgetting when I change my nail colour, bad char! 


  1. That's gorgeous... *hunting online* ;)

  2. that's a gorgeous colour! I must paint my nails x

  3. The nails are such a pretty colour <3

  4. lovely color

    xo hun,

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  5. Lovely post!

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


  6. This colour is fantastic! I love it.x


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