Monday, 2 January 2012

December Favourites!

So that's it, Christmas is now over and we are 2 days into 2012. I'm back at college tomorrow, it feels like I haven't had any time off but hey ho, time to get my brain working again! Because It is now January, it is time for my December favourites, and here they are..
1) E45 Cream, 2) Maybelline lip stain, 3) NYC HD mascara, 4) MAC crème cup lipstick, 5) MAC boy bait gloss, 6) Sigma E30 

1) Winter has been particularly harsh to my skin this year but E45 cream has kept me happy. At times my skin has been so dry it has actually hurt to move my face. Before bed I coat my face in this and when I wake up in the morning its lovely and moisturised, Plus its only £3!
2) I have only recently discovered that Maybelline have a small range of lipstains. Last month there was a 3 for 2 deal on Maybelline cosmetics in boots so I took full advantage and purchased all four shades. My favourite so far is the shade 'Wink of Pink' which is a light pink. It love lipstains purely for their staying power! I tend to only have to re apply once when I wear them. They cost £5.99 but right now boots have a buy one get on half price on all maybelline cosmetics!
3) I love NYC mascaras! there, I said it. The HD mascara is my new favourite from their mascara range. It lengthens the lashes and gives volume in just one coat. Its really easy to take off as well which is a bonus. I never thought much of NYC as a brand but I am starting to really like it. Their mascaras range from £2 to £4 depending on the style.
4)&5) My favourite lip look this month has been MACs 'Crème Cup' lipstick with MACs 'Boy Bait' gloss over the top. They both have a similar pinky colour to them and they look so good together. I wear this whenever I can (aka, not at college) If anyone is wondering about MAC lipstick colours I highly recommend 'Crème Cup' 
6) Another sigma brush favourite this month, this time an eye brush. I have been liking the E30 pencil brush for applying shadow in the crease and corner of my eye. The pencil shape makes it super easy and neat to do. Love this brush! 

What are your favourites this month, link your posts if you have done them 

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Rimmel's match perfection gel foundation in 'Ivory' It is perfect for my skin tone and blends super easy to give great coverage!


  1. I love that cream cup is in your favs <3
    As with E45...what a fab product!
    Its always cheaper in Superdrug I find or even discount stores for even cheaper!


  2. I have never tried any of these products but wow I am surprised that the NYC mascaras are good. I never bought them thinking they might not be good. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Caggie always looks amazing doesn't she!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  4. I really like the sound of NYC's mascara, volume and lengthening.? Ah-mazing.xx

  5. I really want to try the E45, i have been meaning to get it for a long time, but have always found something else to buy in its place, and i have the MAC lipgloss too:) its a super pretty colour;)

  6. I love using tinted moisturizer! It's so fast and my skin gets so dry this time of year.

    this is a great blog, I'm always in need of new beauty tips!

    Attention, Attention!



  7. E45 is my savior! <3 i have always wanted to try a mac lip gloss.. i might have to buy one x

  8. Great favourites, a couple I love and a couple I want to try! Everyone loves the sigma brushes don't they!

  9. great products, always wanted to try the mac lipstick in creme cup! xx

  10. I really want to try those Maybelline lip stains, it just sucks that they're not available where I live! :( x


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