Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Glossybox!

Sorry that this post is going up a little late, I have spent most of my afternoon putting together a flat packed drawer unit from Ikea all by myself. I am oddly proud that I succeeded to get it together and up the stairs without breaking something or injuring myself. It's made up part of my new make up storage area, if anyone would like to see the end result then let me know and I would be more than happy to show you (once my bookcase has been moved & things have been dismantled to suit my new layout) 

Anyway, on with the Glossybox.. First off I would like to thank the postman who decided to throw my glossybox over the back wall because I wasn't in, luckily nothing was broken but even so, that is not cool! I wasn't sure if I would even get this months box seen as it is nearly February and It still hadn't arrived but it did and I was quite happy with it. 
This months box was bright pink, my favourite type of pink, which had something to do with it being valentines day related. It was a nice surprise to see a bright 'special edition' box this month instead of the normal pale pink. 
A quick overview of what is inside my glossybox this month.. Clarins extra firming day cream & extra firming night cream, Murad hybrids skin perfecting primer, FAB Gentle body wash and Eyeko skinny eyeliner. I am most looking forward to trying out the eyeliner, body wash and the night cream. I will do a review post in a couple of weeks to let you know my thoughts on the products and see if there is anything that surprises me. 


  1. omg your postman is a legend haha. I think you got probably the best items i have seen. If i was subscribed i'd defs want the Clarins products x

  2. Loads of people got this months glossy box, im so regretting not getting one myself, the clarins creams seem great!

  3. That glossybox looks fab!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  4. Naughty postman!

    I got the same as you in my GlossyBox and was impressed this month! The sweet sure does taste yummy!



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