Friday, 27 January 2012

Picture Memories TAG

WARNING: Some embarrassing pictures to follow..You have been warned..
A Picture Of You In Your Younger Years...
A Picture Of You On Your Birthday Or Your Favourite Holiday...
A Picture Of You In Your Room...
A Picture Of You Making A Crazy Face In Front Of The Camera... Typical bestfriend picture
A Picture Of You Showing Off A New Haircut Or Hairstyle... Full fringe much
A Picture Of You Being Absolutely Ridiculous... 
A Picture Of You With The Friend(s) You've Know The Longest...
A Picture Of You & Your Newest Friend... 
I don't have any pictures with my newest friend.
A Picture Of You & Someone You Love...
A Picture Of You That You Didn't Know Was Being Taken...
A Picture Of You That Describes How You'd Like To Spend Everyday... Being silly & having fun
A Picture That Makes You Smile... Me & Matt at Disneyland
A Picture Of One Of The Best Days Of Your Life... Meeting Nick Jonas, unexpectedly 
A Picture Of You In Your Favourite Place... Disneyworld!
A Picture That You Remember Taking... 
A Picture Of You Doing Or Trying Something New...
Can't find a picture of me doing or trying something new, bit lame. sorry!
A Picture Of You In A Time Of Your Life That You Wish Wasn't Over... I miss school, sometimes..
Its your turn now, I want to see your picture memories! You have been TAGGED! 


  1. Lovely pictures, feel like I know you a little better already :)

  2. Ahhhh this is so cute!
    I remember when I got a full fringe when they were the rage, oh God, I looked about 5!
    & I am sososoosososososoosososososososoososososososososoosososososososo jealous you met Nick Jonas. So jealous.
    I may have to copy this off you...

  3. these are so cute! and u met nick????? so jealous.

  4. aw those pirate costumes are adorable! x

  5. Thanks for the comments, I hope you all do this tag! X


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