Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Few Changes!

Since I've started to get back into blogging I decided to give my blog a little change up as a sort of "fresh canvas" to continue my blogging from without starting a whole new one off. I will be predominantly posting about all things along the lines of fitness, fashion, beauty and life and will probably be posting three to four times a week. I have so many ideas written down ready to make an appearance but first I needed to redecorate!

Here are a few things I've changed..

1. I've gone for a more plain and to the point header.
2. I got rid of the 'Labels' list down the side
3. I changed my picture
4. I removed all the pages from underneath my header, not really needed
5. I removed the 'Contact Me' page and added the email address under my picture on the side bar because who needs a whole page for that?
6. I started an Archive, this can be found on the right hand side of my blog under the 'Past Blogs' heading. I have three Archives, Beauty, Fitness and Fashion. In here you will find any posts related to that topic since 2011. Yes, They are still under construction (do you know how long it takes to go through all these posts!?) but I've found it quite funny to see how my blog has changed since then, glad to say its grown up with me!

Change is good, it makes me more excited to get all my posts up!

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