Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Where The Hell Have You Been!?

My name is Char and I've been a very bad blogger..
I think the last time you heard from me it was June/July time last year but somehow it has ended up being March 2014 already?

So when I left the world of blogging it was July and I was sunning myself on holiday in Mexico, when I returned things took a bit of a dramatic turn resulting in myself and my mum butting heads a lot and eventually leading to me moving out into Josh's house. Things between me & my mum are all good, I still love her and we get on much better when we aren't living underneath each others feet. From there she decided to put our house up for sale and move about 40 minutes away with her boyfriend, so I had to help pack up the old house and bid farewell to my childhood home, sad..

 If you follow me on Twitter some of you may already know that I have started up my own business doing Sports Massage. The entire preparation of getting everything together, finding a room to rent and getting said room up to scratch took a whole lot of time and money but thankfully its all up and ready now. Things are still a little slow but it's to be expected at a few months in.

I'm in a weird place with make up which has kind of had an impact on my blogging.. I haven't worn in in ages and just lost masses of interest in it. However, I'm starting to miss it, the process of putting it on and the excitement of discovering new products so expect me to be stalking you all to find out whats good these days!


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