Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fitness Diary #1

Work Out or Rest Day: Work Out
Work Day or Day off: Work Day
Shift Length: 9 Hours (8am - 5pm)

5:20AM: Alarm is going off so its time to get up and take a Grenade Thermo Detonator fat burner

5:40AM: Now the Grenade has had plenty of time to get to work and I've got myself ready its time to get outside. The workout consists of a short run followed by some weights work on back, biceps and triceps in the garage.

6:42AM: Workout finished so its time to shower and get ready for work..yay..

7:15AM: In my car en route to work nibbling on a grenade protein brownie, yum!

7:40AM: At work ready for my 8AM start but first its time for a protein shake to tide me over until my first break. With this I take my Grenade Ration Pack Multi-vitamin.

8:00AM: And so it begins..

12:00PM: Finally on my first break! I'm having a small meal consisting of basmati rice, chicken and veg followed by a handful of Neil's Yard milk chocolate covered raisins.

12:30PM: More work!

15:10PM: My next break, yay! a small snack of two pieces of wholegrain toast and butter.

17:00PM: HOME TIME!!

18:30PM: Time for dinner! Tonight we had barbecue chicken sprinkled with a small amount of cheese along with some basmati rice and peas

20:00PM: A nighttime snack of 4 wholegrain crackerbread pieces with some nutella.

10:00PM: Time to sleep, ready to do it all again tomorrow!

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