Monday, 17 March 2014

BodyCare Hair Haul!

For a little while now I've been contemplating growing my 'Frankie Style' hair out because I just never felt happy with how I looked with the style. However after talking to my boyfriend and hairdresser I came to the conclusion that I should probably make some more effort with it instead of just washing it and leaving it. In light of this I decided to watch some youtube videos (Amy Sass was my fave, I pretty much followed her every step!) and thus a haul ensued as well as some inspired experimentation!
BodyCare isn't somewhere I've ever shopped before but I thought I'd check it out and see if I get any bargains (success)

1. Rounded Bristle Hair Brush - £1.99 A perfect tool for getting some volume in my shortest side
2. Got2b Volumizing Styling Powder - £2.89 I love this for a nice lift at the root, plus you use the smallest amount for maximum umph!
3. Garnier Fructis Matte Gum - £2.59 This is a little GEM. I am in love! It is so light and non-sticky plus it smells so nice! I use the tiniest amount so this little pot is going to last such a long time!
4. Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volumising Mousse - £2.75 I haven't actually used this yet but I found the last volumising mousse a little sticky and heavy in my hair so I thought I'd try out a 'Supersoft' version.. we'll see..
5. Barry M Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Strengthener - £2.99 - oops, this was a cheeky superdrug purchase that has snuck into this haul. Super looking forward to trying this bad boy out and seeing how good it really is.
6. Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Volume Shampoo - £1 I am pretty much lamping on the volume based products these days so a shampoo is another important one. I massage this into my hair from the base of the back of my head right through to the roots and it definitely helps to add that little -Pre-styled- lift!

And now.. I LOVE MY HAIR!!

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  1. Wow, your hair looks great! I have to admit, I neglect my hair a bit more than I should, too - and promptly complain that it's never how I want it to be ha xx

  2. aw i love your hair like this Char!! need to pick up some of these, my hair lacks serious volume lately :(

    1. Ah thank you Jess! :D try them, it deffo helps x

  3. i love your hair .. they look great doll !! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin :) xx


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