Wednesday, 12 March 2014

That time I saw Taylor..

Ah, February 1st 2014, one of the best days of my life. After waiting for around three years to actually get the chance to see Taylor Swift, it finally happened and I very nearly cried, seriously.. 

My amazing boyfriend was nice enough to agree to come with me and also nice enough to purchase two Ultimate Red Experience tickets (costing a fair amount) just so that on this day I could be super close to the stage and get a proper experience of the gig instead of being way way way back in the 02. 
The day started off nicely with me being super excited on the train journey down to London, doing a little exploring of the 02 and eating some pizza. Surrounded by girls (and some boys) in costumes and carrying Taylor themed signs I was totally ready to be engulfed in Taylor Swift-ness. 
However, it wasn't all that great once we went to the meeting area for the Ultimate Experience. When purchasing our tickets we were promised a Pre-Show party with food, drinks and fun, what actually happened was we got to sit on a cold floor for two hours waiting for our early entry, but we did get a goody bag with a signed CD (She actually touched it!!) which was better than nothing. Getting our early entry meant we were front row, standing in the pit. I have never been that close at any gig before which just added to my excitement even more.

So, The Vamps were supporting and were actually quite good despite their pop/rock generic songs.
When the RED sign came down along with the lights I pretty much got ready to explode with excitement that I got massively overwhelmed and almost burst into tears at the prospect of finally seeing the person who has helped me get through some tough moments by belting her songs out in the privacy of my car. I love her guys, she is my idol and full on inspiration.

I sang, I cheered, I watched, I loved, I saw Ed Sheeran, I wished it never had to end..


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  1. I love Taylor Swift as well. She is so gorgeous! Her outfits look absolutely incredible as well.

    Glad you had fun, and it's good to see you back! xx

  2. I love Taylor Swift! Glad you are back. I hope you blog about your holiday in Mexico. A beautiful country.


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