Thursday, 24 May 2012

Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver - Review!

Enrapture are a brand that has been featured on many different people's blogs or youtube channels for, probably their most popular product, the encode totem styler which from the reviews sounds rather amazing. However, I feel that it somewhat over shadows the jumbo waver. I am, like most girls, a massive fan of the 'beachy waves' and it is a style I have been trying to perfect with my GHDs for a year and always failing to get the look I want and of course taking up a lot of time attempting it. When I started seeing reviews of the totem styler appearing I decided to do a little research into enrapture products and was automatically drawn to the jumbo waver. I plucked up the courage to walk into Argos (also available on amazon and in debenhams, boots, next) and depart with just under £70 in return for the jumbo waver. I was like an excited child at Christmas when I got home, unpacking it from some very stylish packaging  (whilst taking pictures for blogging purposes) and plugging it straight in for a test. It.Is.Amazing. It takes about a minute (or less, I haven't really timed it) to warm up fully as I have it on the highest heat setting and gets to work waving your hair in mere seconds. The waver comes with a booklet with advice on how to create perfect wavy styles, immediately struck by the boho waves. It takes me around 10 minutes to wave my entire head and I am someone with fairly long, thick hair so that's not bad considering. I section my hair into 1 to 2 inch sections and clamp the waver over sections for around 5 seconds before moving down the hair. I was a little worried at first that this would end up looking like I had crimped my hair like you do/did when you were about 10 and going to a school disco however, the waves came out perfectly and just how I wanted them to look. The harder you clamp the more defined the waves are so it can be adjusted to suit the style you are going for. This has been my go to hair styler since I bought it, so much so that I have packed up my GHD's into their carry case and pushed them to the back so this has pride of place on my chest of drawers. I highly, highly recommend this to you all, I haven't actually tried the totem styler but I would pick this over it, if I can even have that opinion..


I am in no way holding enrapture or the design of the waver responsible for this burn, it was purely my own fault.. Don't make the same mistake I did and hold it away from your neck!


  1. this looks sooo cool, the waves it makes look really nice (: xx

  2. Your hair looks really good :) Xx

  3. oh wow, that must have been painful!
    I usually use my ghd to make my hair wavy or just braid it when still wet.
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  4. Oooo nasty burn :(
    I have the babyliss wave envy and love it as a way of chnaging up my hair quickly!


  5. Bio Oil is your savior for that burn, trust me.. for beachy waves you should try a curling wand, this video shows you how to them perfectly : . or if you want to use minimum heat rough plaits in your hair after you've washed it. put a blow dryer on your hair before you plait to get heavy wet out and then plait. (': I'm not a fan of hair curlers but this sounds amazing and your hair turned out really nicely. x

  6. Great review! I hope the burn isn't too sore.

    I've read a lot about these stylers on blogs and am quite tempted now, perfect beach babe waves.

    Lisa, xx

  7. Ooh those curls look awesome!


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