Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Every day+night skincare routine!

Skincare is something that varies a lot between individuals and its common to read other bloggers rave reviews of some products, see how well it has worked for them and then once you have tried it realise it doesn't work the same on you, gutting isn't it. I for one, chop and change my skincare routine fairly regularly but this is one I have kept up for a while and find that it's really working. First things first, as soon as I wake up in the morning I find that my skin can be a little oily especially if it's warm so I give my face a quick wipe over with an 'ultra soft, fragrance free' baby wipe, nothing fancy. I have found these have really helped stop my make up looking oily during the day. At night I keep things fairly easy. To remove my make up on a typical night I use Simple's moisturising facial wash, the moisturiser in the wash helps fight the effects of dry skin. If I am feeling lazy I will just use a make up remover wipe, normally of the sensitive skin kind, to take off my make up then jump straight into bed. After that, on a typical night, I will apply either quinoderm or clinique's anti-blemish gel on any horrible spots I have. Twice a week I apply a sudocrem face mask which I have found really helps reduce redness and size of blemishes and thoroughly moisturises. E45 cream is so good at relieving particularly dry skin, I use this so much in the winter. A fairly simple skincare routine I think, it works and its helping my skin, Finally! 


  1. i love simple products and sudocrem is a lifesaver!

  2. I've heard so much about the benefits of sudocrem, I might have to invest in a tub x

  3. i heard a lot of good things about boots but i dont think they offer it here in the states!

    i would love for you to check out my blog as well!

    Figure of Chic

  4. yayyy I love the clinique anti blemish gel! stings like a bitch but it really does work! xxx

  5. i love sudocrem, it works soo well! and simple is one of my favourite skincare brands, it works soo well for me (: x


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