Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Peek At My Week (#6)

Slipper Swag/ Presents from mumma/ My signature dish/ Yummy costa strawberry lemonade/ Email from missguided about shoes/ The sweetie isle/ Pretty nails/ Going out for drinks/ New toy

It's been a week of buying new things this week, like most weeks really. On Sunday me and mum went to my grandma and granddads house for dinner, my feet were killing after work so I decided to reach for the comfort of my slippers to go out in, does anyone else do that? First lot of purchases were done by my mum who decided to treat me to a few things, FINALLY got my waterfall skirt that I have been searching for for months! My signature dish has got to be scrambled egg and beans on toast, so delicious, professional chef? I think so! Costa has just opened in the town near college so me and the girls took a trip down and I got the new strawberry lemonade, it is so freaking nice! New favourite drink from there for the summer! Missguided Emailed me to let me know the shoes I've been lusting after for ages were back in stock but when I went on the website they were already sold out again in my size :( Every time I go shopping when I'm hungry I seem to get sucked down the sweetie isle, cue me buying more than I really need just because everything looks so good. I did a CNL on the nails in the picture on Thursday so feel free to have a better look at those! On Thursday night I went out for drinks with some friends, I was a good girl and only had 1 due to me not being a massive fan of the 'alcohol' taste and because I had college at 9am on Friday, That was the outfit I wore (maybe an OOTD coming soon!) Finally, my biggest purchase, a little something from Enrapture! I love it and I will be reviewing it soon. What is it? Can you guess!? ;) 


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  2. Oooo I really fancy beans on toast now! That's a bit of a nono with my health plan though haha.
    Your slippers look just like moccasins so I wouldn't worry, I'm sure no-one noticed ;)

    Lea x

  3. Which sweetie aisle were you in?! That's always my downfall at the supermarket haha. I love it when they sell three packs for £1. Mmmm strawberry laces!! Strawberry lemonade also sounds amazing. Perfect now the sun's out. Hope you're having a nice weekend

  4. Your a girl after my own heart with the scrambled eggs and baked beans together - delicious!!

  5. Great blog.
    I'm hosting a £500 competition for Next on my blog
    It would be great if you could enter as it's such a massive prize.

    Sheree xx

  6. I've been loving instagram. Lovely pictures ;)

  7. I love your nails :)

  8. The nails look amazing! So does the Costa lemonade haha, I'm craving one now!
    I'm looking forward to the enrapture post! :) x

  9. Your nails are really pretty.x

  10. Love your pics <3, I need to try the strawberry lemonade!!

    Sadie x

  11. Ohh, what fun - I am so hooked on Instagram! <3

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