Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Peek At My Week (#7)

First Daisystreet order/ Company high street ed/ I got a cold/ Animals have never been so close/ Taking Jasper to the groomers/ The Avengers!/ Captain America!/ Featured blogger/ Lots of work!

Another Saturday, another peek at my week. This week has been quite work related, once again one of my teachers told us on Tuesday that our assignment was due in on Friday so I spent most days attempting to complete it and 4 pages later I managed to hand it in on Friday! On Monday I  received my first shoe order from, I already have a wishlist started for my next order because all the shoes on there are so so nice and affordable. I met up with Matt this week too which was nice just to sit and chat. I managed to get a horrible cold last weekend which is refusing to fully leave me alone, I'm over the worst bit aka not being able to breathe and sounding like an idiot when I talk but its been a nearly a week now and I'm still feeling it a little. A peek at my week is not complete without a picture of my dog, this week I am spoiling you with 2 and some cats, I had to snap a picture of the three of them within 2 metres of each other the other day because normally they can't stand being anywhere near Jasper. Speaking of Jasper, I took him to the groomers, boy does he love being in the car! He sprints to the car, leaps in and sits staring out the front window the whole way. I went to see the Avengers on Wednesday, what an amazing film! I am your typical rom-com, chick flick kinda girl but give me a superhero movie and I will watch it happily, especially Captain America, he's hot. Lastly, Yesterday I was featured on as one of the "Editor's Picks of the Day" I know that so so so many get featured on's twitter page ect but to see me on the home page as an Editors pick was actually quite an achievement for me and my little blog! I'm proud of it.


  1. Well done on being featured! :D and yes I loved the Avengers! It made more money than Harry Potter 7! xxxx

  2. I hope you feel better soon and congrats for being on bloggers pick - I haven't been on that website for so long!

  3. I love this kind of posts. I wanted to start doing these as well. I guess it's cause I like to take a peek into other people's lives..haha! :)

  4. I love these little instagram collages!! I hope you feel better soon. I hate how colds always seem so trivial but actually make you feel like absolute shit when you have them. Well done with the assignment also... I feel like sometimes teachers tell you about them at the last minute just to see who actually manages to get them done on time! xx

  5. Aww your animals are so cute



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