Thursday, 17 May 2012

What's In My Clutch?

I'm not one who gets a massive thrill out of going out and when I do go out I'm in no rush to join a queue outside an already heaving club with sticky floors, expensive drinks and pervy drunk men ready to meet me on the inside. Oh no, this 19 year old goes to a bar with her friends to listen to her friend DJ, and by DJ I mean play all his girlfriends current favourite songs because lets be fair a happy girlfriend equals a happy relationship, sip on some cider (one please, college at 9am!) and have a laugh. Sophistication, maybe, perhaps not. A fun night out however. 

Onto the actual point of this post, What I take with me in my clutch/any evening bag I take on the night out. First things first, my ID, in the gold cover thing, I am one of those people who happens to look about 7 years younger than they actually are so every time, without fail, I get ID'd. My phone, for obvious reasons. My keys, also for fairly obvious reasons, plus I feel bad waking my mum up if I happen to get home later than 12. I always chuck whatever lipstick or lipgloss I am wearing that night into the bag but tend not to re apply it. A mirror to check for any make up smudges or awkward lipstick on teeth issues (don't deny it, its happened to you before!) Finally, money! I take £10 max, that way I can't waste a load of money and can keep my whole 1 drink thing in check! I don't like to take too much out with my and tend to keep it simple. 
What do you take with you on a night out? 


  1. Phone, keys, lipstick, eyeliners, cash and a credit card.

    I tend to drive because I don't tolerate alcohol well but then I don't go clubbing anymore. I'd rather have a meal or see a band.


  2. i love the clutch, its sooo pretty :)

  3. That clutch is adorable! I don't really go "out" clubbing/bars (I am only 16!), but I imagine that I'll have a hard time pairing down my stuff to fit in a clutch. I'm the girl with a big bag filled with things for every emergency!

  4. Aww, wish I could keep the contents of my bag so minimal on a night out! I always have to take my passport, university ID, keys, cash, debit card, lip gloss, mascara and concealer, at least.
    The clutch is gorgeous, such a lovely colour! xx

  5. Your like me with the whole club thing, I'd rather go for a few drinks or a meal, than some shabby club.
    I love your clutch :D

  6. I hardly take anything with me... cash, phone and ID - and the occasional spare pair of pumps to change into (can't do heels for too long!) x


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