Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What's In My Shower!?

I have seen this tag around youtube a lot recently so why not blog about it!? Now I share the shower in my mums bathroom because the one in my bathroom is one of those in the bath ones and despite living in this house for 9 years I haven't actually got a shower curtain! Anyway! My shelf in the little shower caddy thing is the top one (with the excess of products in it) 
So, first thing I have is my neutrogena face scrub which I will use every time to clean my face, love this! Next I have Dove's damage therapy shampoo and conditioner 'Heat Defence' version because I straighten my hair a lot of the time but this has really helped keep my hair looking healthy despite the constant heat abuse. My all time favourite body wash is the Nivea Happy Time one as it smells so divine! Of course I apply it on my pink puffy thing (never know what they are called!?) which I find exfoliates my skin a little which is always helpful especially after I have shaved my legs with my venus razor! 

I want to see what's in your shower so if you do this post let me know! 


  1. I think the pink thing is called a loofah...haha

  2. Pink thing is either a bath lily or shower puff.

    I have a white one.


  3. I love the happy time too! And I too apply it with a pink thing that I was unsure of the name of until now!


  4. I always enjoy a "what's in my..." post :)

  5. Great post! :D I'm in love with the Nivea Happy Time Shower Gel. Also Radox is doing the Brazillian one, and that smells lush :)

  6. I really want to do this tag, but I literally carry most items to and from the bathroom because I have so much :/


  7. Such a good post idea! And I just call the pink thing a scrunchy haha, thats not right haha.xx


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