Friday, 30 December 2011

Beauty Blogger TAG

Today is the first day off TAG Friday! This weeks TAG is the Beauty Blogger one, I hope you enjoy! 
1.What are your favourite type of blogposts to write?
I really like reviewing products that I have discovered myself, especially when they are at 'drugstore' prices and a decent standard.
2.What are your favourite blogs to read?
I follow mostly fashion and beauty blogs because I have developed a huge love for them. Every person I follow are the owners of some of the best blogs out there!
3.How did u pick your user name?
I have been using 'itscharr' for a long time on twitter so I figured I would just use it on here. It's my blog so I figured its charr is quite fitting.
4. Which beauty blogger is your inspiration? 
I think everyone loves Zoe from Zoella. Her blog is incredible and her photography is amazing too. 
5.Name one tip you learned through another beauty blogger?
Picture quality, really matters! 
6.What made you make a blog? 
My parents are going through the adoption process and I had searched the internet for a birth child's view on the process but I found hardly anything so I figured I could start a blog and write down my experiences. I found out the waiting time between each milestone is long so I added a bit of fashion and beauty into it. 
7.Do you have a favourite blogpost of yours?
I was really proud of my Urban Decay Dupes post. I put a lot of effort into the comparison and finding the dupes. I guess that would be my favourite.
8.Name one pro and one con of being a beauty blogger?
A Pro is that the beauty blogging community is so freaking lovely! I can't really think of a Con right now.. 
9.What advice would would you give someone dealing with hate?
Don't retaliate to it, just remove it completely from your blog.
10. How long does it take you to write a blogpost?
Depends on the blogpost I guess, it could be anywhere from half an hour to and hour and a half. 
11. What other blogs apart from beauty do you like to read ?
I follow a couple of photography and adoption blogs too.
12.Who have you made friends with through blogging?
I have a few people that I talk to away from the blog world. I think anyone I have talked to more than once on here is like a friend!
13. How do you get the ideas for blogposts?
Shopping, mostly. I get inspiration from some youtube gurus too. 
14. Who do you tag ?
30 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 25
Beauty Regime
I am going to do a post on my everyday skincare and my everyday make up routine so keep your eyes pealed for that! X


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me Char! :)
    I did this tag a few months ago so I won't do it again but thank you!
    I really love reading your posts, you post so often and I look forward to coming on here every day to see if you've posted, you're doing a great job.


  2. Thank you so much Zara, that's a really sweet comment XO

  3. Great tag Char! I hope the new addition to your family joins you real soon =-)


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