Sunday, 25 December 2011


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This is just a super quick post to say:
I hope all of my lovely followers have a fantastic day today! I hope Santa brought you everything that you asked him for. Now, get off of here, stuff your face with chocolate, your roast dinner and whatever takes your fancy, sit in front of the TV and enjoy your Christmas day! A post about Christmas Day will be up tomorrow maybe, so check back for that if you like. 
Have a lovely day and a very Merry (in both senses of the word) Chritsmas!
Love Char 
P.S. Everyone needs to listen to this. I apologize for getting this into your heads, enjoy!

30 Day Challenge - Day 21
Favourite Lipstick

I won this Mac lipstick in 'Shy Girl' on Liz's Blog and It is by far my favourite lipstick shade. Applied lightly with a little gloss it looks fabulous. A lovely pinky lip 

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