Tuesday, 13 December 2011

November Glossybox Review!

First off I have to say that I wasn't overly impressed with this months box, recently I'm finding that Glossybox is a bit hit and miss with products but when they are good, they are real good! This months box consists of.. 
1) Arbonne Ultra Hydrating Hand crème. 2) Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer. 3) Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum. 4) Dead Sea Spa Magik Delicate Boosting Mask. 5) Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps. 
1) The "Ultra Hydrating" Hand Crème really is ultra hydrating! Unlike some moisturisers if you put them on a cut then it stings them, this one just soothes them and doesn't hurt them at all. This may just be me but I think like this product actually smells quite fruity. If anyone else had this in their box, what did you think it smelt like? Full Size: £19.00
2) I have never used and Elasticizer before but this one was really nice. You are meant to apply it around 10 minutes before you shampoo your hair so I applied it when I was shaving my legs and washing my body. Once I had finished my shower and allowed my hair to dry naturally there was some noticeable bounce and umphh! to my hair which is what my hair needs these days. Really like this one but I do not like the full size price! Full Size: £52.10 (!)
3) I have not been a huge fan of the perfume samples that Glossybox keep sending. I'm still on the fence with this one. When I first smelt 'Freak' it actually smelt quite nice, definitely a scent I would wear, but after a while it became a little over powering and made my head hurt a little. One thing I did like was this sample was able to be sprayed on unlike the others. Full Size: £59.00
4) The Delicate Boosting Mask is definitely something I would consider re purchasing. I have used this twice and both times my face has felt noticeably different. My skin gets super dry but this did not dry my face out or anything which I think may be down to its creamy formula, it did nothing but good! A full size bottle comes in at only £8.80 which I think is pretty reasonable for something like this.   
5) My favourite item of them all! I have been wanting to try nail wraps for the longest time and to get them in the glossybox was a great chance to try them out. I got the black and white polka dot ones, they lasted me about 2 weeks because I suck and putting them on and they started to peel off after a while. I really want to go out and buy some more styles soon! Full Size: £6.65 per pack.

30 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 8
Favourite Pair Of Shoes

These are my all time favourite 'going out' shoes, If I could wear these every day without getting serious pain in my feet then I would. The platform on them and the fact they are tight-ish around the ankle means they are super easy to walk in! 



  1. The shoes are lovely! Still debating whether or not i'll join Glossybox! :/


  2. i agree, dont think last months box was great. but i've seen a review up for this months and i'm going to check that out. do you think its worth getting the boxes or would you switch to one of the others? your shoes are gorgeous.x

  3. This was my frist and only glossy box and I was a little unimpressed too! I'd seen a few reviews and was hoping I'd get the elasticizer but instead got some bath salts : /


  4. those are really cute going out shoes!

  5. I love the hand cream and pre-shampoo!
    I'm running really late with my November glossy box review really need to do it haha Xx


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