Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Day!

Hello you lovely lot! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa bought you everything you asked him for! I had a really lovely Christmas, I woke up at nine and went downstairs to see that Santa had been! I sat downstairs with my parents and we opened up all our presents while my dog ran wild with his new toys. We had 11 people in our house from about 11am till around 9pm. My mum cooked an extremely tasty meal and everyone seemed very happy! Typically a few members of the family fell asleep after dinner while the rest of us settled down to some Christmas movies. We swapped even more presents when they woke up and me and my cousin started facetiming each other whilst in the same house. 
Here is what I wore on Christmas Day:
Blue sheer shirt - Debenhams, Blue tank top - New Look, Wine coloured jeans + belt - Quiz
For the last two weeks I've had a poll running on my blog about whether you would like to see what I got for Christmas and you said yes! prepare for some pictures of some of my presents.. (please note that I am not bragging, If you don't like these posts then don't read it!)

Santa came and wrapped my presents mostly in tinkerbell wrapping paper.

I got the last three (only two pictured) vampire diaries books, season 1 & 2 of Vampire diaries and season 1 - 4 of gossip girl. I have been wanting to watch those two shows for so long!

MAC! I was so excited when I saw these. I have wanted to start my own Mac pallet for so long and now I have 6 colours to start me off as well as 1 gloss and 3 lippies! 

This is the cutest present of them all, It's a jewellery stand with some sparkles and a pearly butterfly on it! Lovvvelyy 

My favourite and most appreciated present of them all, AN IPAD! I didn't even have it on my Christmas list but I had talked to my mum about them a couple of times. She told me that she thought it would be useful, educational as well as fun. Love my mum and dad for getting me everything they did on Christmas and the rest of the family and friends for their presents! I have the best people in my life ever!

I decided to make my Ipad a little more me by sticking a glittery 'C' sticker in the middle of the apple sign, still waiting on a case for it. I'm so scared I'm going to drop it and break it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and If you hit the sales on boxing day I hope you grabbed some bargains! If anyone has any book, film or App recommendations for the Ipad then please let me know! 

30 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 22
Beauty Tips For A Big Night Out
I have one recommendation for you, A setting spray from Urban Decay! Either the De Slick or All Nighter, which is made especially for those hot, sweaty club nights. Plus they really work!


  1. hope you had a wonderful Christmas huni! Your presents look amazing Xx

  2. You got some lovely things!
    Great post! :)


  3. Looks like you got some fab things!

  4. Great presents, love the MAC and the jewellery stand and of course the iPad! I got an iPad too (well joint pressie with hubby!) XX

  5. Thanks for all your comments! I am very pleased with what santa bought me! X

  6. You got some great things :)

    Lucy x

  7. you got a lot of great things!!

  8. Nice presents!


  9. would love to hear a review or more on your MAC pallet, I really want to start one but really can't decide which colours to start with x


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