Monday, 12 December 2011

Winter Skin Essentials!

Above are my top products for protecting my skin this winter because this weather is meaning my skin is taking a battering! So much so that even my eyelids are dry, my eye lids! It's absolutely horrible sometimes, especially when my face is so dry it actually hurts to move it, does anyone else get that? 
The bottom line to this post is Moisturise! (If you can't tell from the picture)
My favourite body moisturiser that I use all year round is the Nivea 'Happy Time' body lotion. It smells absolutely gorgeous, so fruity and summery so even on those cold winter days you can lather on this moisturiser and it honestly make me feel like I am in the middle of the summer season! Plus, the scent lasts for ages! 
For those of us who have problem skin I believe it is best to get a specific facial moisturiser for your skin type whether its sensitive or broken out ectt. I use the clinique 3 step acne solutions moisturiser because of my spots and it really does help to moisturise the  skin as well as protect and reduce the appearance of redness on the skin. One of my all time favourites! 
Our hands are the part of our body that take the biggest battering all year round and feel it the most especially in Winter. I received the Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' as part of the secret santa I was part of (post to come soon) and I freaking love it! It smells divine and really softens my hands, the softness lasts all day and sometimes even two days. I will be repurchasing this every time it runs out without fail because I honestly love it so much! 
Finally, If like me, your lips get quite dry a chapped then, of course, you need lip balm. I have lip balm everywhere, I mean everywhere! In my handbag, in my college bag, on my bedside table, in my bathroom, on my make up table ectt. I honestly have to apply it every day and night because if I don't I can barely move my lips without them becoming chapped and bleeding, waaah! My favourite lip products are the Formular from Marks & Spencer and Blistex lip massage. 
Anyone else suffer from the same issues as me? How do you cope with it? 

30 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 8
A Photo Of You Getting Fashion Wrong
If anyone can explain to me why on this earth I let my parents dress me in such a ridiculous outfit and cut my hair so short I looked like a boy please enlighten me, my hair used to be down to my bum before this! What is even on that T-Shirt! 



  1. love that the whole " bottom line to this post is Moisturise!". My skin goes pretty dry dec-feb, least favourite part of xmas time. I also have the Soap and Glory 'Hand Food'. It smells elish doesn't it? like the miss dior cherie. works wonders. great post x

  2. omg, i wouldn't live without nivea happy time! i love it! xoxo

  3. Ahh I hate this weather for my skin! Love it other than that but my skin becomes horrible! :( Love Soap and Glory Hand Food aswell, smells lovely! :)


  4. my skin gets dry in the winter too. and that picture haha what were u thinking?! just kidding.


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