Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter Clothing Essentials!

Last week I did a post on my Winter Skin Essentials so I thought I would continue this week with my picks for winter clothing essentials because, lets face it, you can't go around with super moisturised skin and no clothes unless you want to be arrested for indecent exposure! Below are my choices of things I am literally living in this season..

First up is my, slightly too big, red duffel coat that I got last year. It is so freaking warm, honestly, I can go out in the winter months wearing just this with a long sleeve t-shirt on underneath and still feel toasty. I find that it adds a nice pop of colour to my typical dark jeans or leggings that I constantly reach for. Pairing it with a floral scarf with similar colours just adds a bit of cheerfulness and warmth around the neck.
Accessory wise I have been a little obsessed with beanie style hats with long tassels. Apart from the white hat with the hearts on which is from Forever 21, the rest is all from primark at bargain prices. I think the most expensive thing was my hat which was £5! I like to wear the hats when I have my hair down, if I wear my hair up I will pop on either the grey or pink head band to keep my ears warm!

Leggings are one of my winter essentials, I honestly have about 6 pairs of just plain black leggings in my wardrobe. If I'm having a particularly lazy day I will just grab a pair from my wardrobe and pair them with a hoodie and my long riding boots.

WELLIES! I am slightly hoping for snow so I can get out in my brand new wellies, lovingly purchased by my wonderful boyfriend, and walk around in some fresh snow. To be honest, I would probably just wear these out any day if it was particularly cold and icy or if I just fancied it. Normally I would wear leggings with a pair of thick long socks just poking over the top to keep my legs extra warm.

What are your winter essentials, let me know in the comments! 

30 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 18
Favourite Beauty Expert
To be honest I don't really have a favourite trained beauty expert but I really love watching beauty gurus such as Macbarbie07 on youtube. She is I think like 15 or 16 and she has amazing talent in the beauty and fashion tutorials. The quality of her make up tutorials are to a nearly professional standard. she's not shy to film her videos either. One of my favourite gurus.  


  1. The coat is so pretty, such a nice colour! :)


  2. I love those boots!! Yes macbarbie07 (Bethany) is such a great guru and she is doing so well for being that young!

  3. Zara - Thank you!
    Nadin - I am watching her videos now!

  4. i love those hats, i too love that style they are soo warm and comfy;)


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