Saturday, 3 December 2011

November Favourites!

I'm actually quite happy to be posting a November Favourites post because that means its December which means Christmas is coming soon and I am soo excited for it! Are you!? 
This months favourites are: 1. Clinique anti blemish emergency gel, 2. Sigma F50 Stippling brush, 3. Sally Hansen nail varnish remover, 4. Vivo Baked blush - Peaches & cream, 5. Soap and Glory - Hand Food 

1. Clinique anti blemish emergency gel: This has literally helped me so much this month, my skin is breaking out like crazy so I am constantly reaching for this little tube. It banishes redness in a matter of hours and you can see the blemish disappearing within a day or two. So helpful. 
2. Sigma F50 stippling brush: I got a sigma brush set when I went to Chicago in October, this is by far my favourite brush. When applying foundation with this is never looks cakey and gives an almost flawless finish, you can really see the difference between applying foundation with a foundation brush and with a stippling brush. If you haven't tried a stippling brush yet you should, ELF cosmetics have a stippling brush for £3!
3. Sally Hansen nail varnish remover: You can see me declare my love it right here!
4. Vivo Baked Blush - Peaches & Cream: I own all four blush shades from Tesco's Vivo line and I love them! They look quite bright and pigmented in the pot but when you apply it you find its a light buildable colour. I am going to do a full review of the blushes soon (potentially next week!) so look out for that.
5. Soap & Glory - Hand Food: I received this as part of the secret santa I participated in last month (full post on the gifts soon!) This was one of my favourite products I got. It sinks straight into my hands and smells absolutely gorgeous, I can't even begin to describe how it smells but it smells so good! Its a must have for this cold weather to keep those hands super soft and moisturised! 
6. Costa Mint Hot Chocolate: My best friend actually discovered this first and after having a sip of hers I had to get my own. This is part of Costa's 'Christmas' Menu and honestly you all have to try it, especially if you like the taste of after eights! Yum yum!
7. Top Knot: I have a hairstyle favourite this month. It's been pretty cold and windy so I have literally been chucking my hair up into a messy top knot bun and adding a hair band to make it a bit more interesting. I really love it because its such an effortless and quick hairstyle. 

Wrap Pizza! I love how quick and easy these are to make. All you need is a wrap and whatever toppings you want, chuck it in the oven for 10 minutes and BAM! You have a tasty pizza 


  1. Never tried the Clinique emergency gel but I really want to! I like the Sally Hansen nail polish remover... but I HATE the smell! :L xo

  2. Love Hand Food aswell! :)


  3. Fab products :). The wrap Pizza looks yummy, I'm so going to try this!!

    Sadie xx

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  5. Great post, I love all the soap and glory products! The pizza is great, I do them sometimes :)


  6. They all look great, but the blush looks extra divine to me!

  7. if only my hair were long enough for a top knot! slowly but surely...

  8. I love the Clinique anti blemish gel too :) gets rid of my spots super fast Xx


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