Wednesday, 21 December 2011

TAG: Get To Know Me!

I am currently writing this post at 11:10PM on Sunday night. This week is a very busy week so I am pre writing a couple of posts. I am barely at home today (Weds) so I wanted to do something fun, like a TAG, so you could all get a little more insight into who I am. So here is the 'Get To Know Me TAG' Enjoy!  

Age: 18 years young!
Bed Size: Double  
Chore you hate: Emptying the bins on a Monday night.
Dogs:  Only one, I love my puppy Jasper!
Essential start to my day: Chocolate milkshake, not even joking, I have to drink it every morning.
Favourite colour: Pink, how cliché 
Gold or Silver: Silver, I can't wear gold jewellery  
Instruments I play: I used to play guitar when I was younger  
Job Title: Part time student, Part time 'Sales Assistant' 
Kids: None right now 
Live: At home with my parents

Mom's Name: Pam
Nicknames: Char & Spud (Don't ask)
Pet Peeve: People who eat really loud.
Quote from a Movie: "If you are from Africa, Why are you white?" - mean girls anyone?

Right or Left Handed: Right!
Siblings: None, but my parents are adopting (yaaaay!!)
Time you wake up: Depends what day it is and what I am doing, varies from 8am to about 10am
Underwear: Wearing it.
Vegetables you dislike: Sprouts! VOM!
What makes you run late: Being too lazy to get out of my bed. Bad habit
X Ray's you've had done: One on my broken wrist, two on my left foot, one on my right foot.
Yummy food you make: Cookies and cupcakes!  
Zoo animal: A tiger! I love ginger animals! haha

I TAG ALL OF YOU! Let me know if you do this TAG in the comments! 
30 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 17
Fashion Pieces On Your To-Buy List
I really want to get some colourful shorts and some flowing floral skirts, I guess I'll have to wait for summer to roll around to get those items into my wardrobe!  


  1. how exciting that your parents are adopting! :D xxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks heather, I'm super excited XO


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