Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Make Up Collection!

Last Tuesday I posted about my Make Up Storage (take a look to see where I keep it all!) and said that I would show you what was in it all. I received a request in the comments on that post to include my brushes in that too so I have, Enjoy this long, Extremely picture heavy post! Please click the pictures to enlarge, I made the small to keep the post quite condensed. Let me know if you would prefer them bigger in the comments.

Brushes Part 1:
L-R: Topshop concealer, ELF blush, ELF foundation, ELF powder, ELF angled blending, ELF concealer, ELF stippling, ELF blending eye, ELF defining eye, ELF Smudge eye sponge, ELF brow comb & brush, ELF eyeshadow, ELF foundation, Clinique blush. 
Brushes Part 2:
Sigma L-R: E55, E30, F60, E05, E60, E65, E40, E70, E70, F30, F40, F70, F50, ELF flat top powder, Urban decay eyeshadow, Sigma blending.
It looks like I have loads of brushes when they are all laid out, oops!

Pink Stack, Top Drawer: Mascaras and Eyeliners
My mascaras range from ELF to NYC, to Covergirl to Rimmel. I don't really have one that I use as my staple! 
As far as eyeliners go I really don't use them much hence why my collection is very small. My most used is the ELF cream pot and small brush.

Pink Stack, 2nd Drawer: Eyeshadows
This is where I keep my single eyeshadow, quads and smaller pallets. My current love has to be the Rimmel eyeshadow mouse. Of course I have the urban decay primer potion!
Pink Stack, 3rd Drawer: Lipsticks
Another small collection of mainly 'drug store' products. As you can see I only have one, yes one, MAC lipstick! I'm working on building my collection but some of my favourite lipsticks are the ones from Rimmel and topshop! 
Pink Stack, Bottom drawer: Blush and Bronzer
I am not a huge bronzer fan so my collection consists of 3, however, as you can see I am a rather big fan of blush, especially the Vivo collection from Tesco. 
Silver Stack, Top drawer + Letter holder: Bigger Pallets
I have my Naked pallet, ELF pallet, MUA pretty pastels & Heaven and Earth pallets in my purple letter holder. In the top drawer I have the other four MUA pallets and a combo pallet from Marks & Spencers which I haven't really used, oops!
Silver Stack, 2nd drawer: Lipgloss
I have a range of lipsticks from collection 2000, TOWIE (yes, really), Rimmel, Barry M and ELF. I am thinking about purchasing my first NARS lipgloss soon, any recommendations on colours?
Silver Stack, Bottom drawer: Powders and Concealers
In this drawer I tend to keep back ups. I'm quite bad at seeing pan on a product then flying down to boots or superdrug to by a new one ready for when I run out! I have a few concealers that I have tried and replaced but haven't got rid of them in case I need to use them. Can you say hoarder? 
Drawer in Storage trolley: Everyday Make up!
So this is the final part of my make up collection, In the drawer in my trolley I keep all of the things I tend to reach for on an everyday. I find this so useful as it saves me from rummaging through every drawer to get out the essentials every morning.

Hope you enjoyed this very long, picture filled post! One more thing, I have a Christmas Giveaway going on right now! Click HERE to check it out and enter if you would like! 

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  1. gosh girl you got some products woweeee!


  2. Thanks liz, I thought mine was quite small compared to most people's XX

  3. You have a good makeup collection, it is not overwhelming and you have great products. I can see you like E.L.F products like me =-)

  4. God, and I thought my sister's collection was bad haha!xx

  5. Thanks girls. I didn't think I had that much make up haha X

  6. wow you have a great collection x

  7. Great make up collection! Makes mine look tiny lol ,xo


  8. Great collection, you have loads of brushes!! Still waiting for my sigma's to arrive, will do my collection after christmas :P


  9. Wow you have an awesome collection :) love all the MUA pallettes you have :) Xx


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