Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vivo Baked Blush Review!

When I first heard Tesco had released another of their own Make Up brands all those months ago I have to admit I was a little sceptical because its Tesco and they are a supermarket, not a beauty retailer. I decided, after reading many reviews on various people's blogs, that I would hop in my car and drive the all of 5 minutes over the road to my local (and gigantic) tesco and see what all the fuss was about. The first thing to catch my eye were the baked blushes and I am so glad they did. 
L-R: Peaches & Cream (Shade 1), Rosy (Shade 2), Cinnamon Glow (Shade 3), Rouge Shimmer (Shade 4).
These are the only four baked blush shades available in the range and I had to buy all four coming in at £4 each. Compared to a lot of "drugstore" brands I think £4 is quite reasonable for a blush that size. Rosy and Rouge Shimmer are quite bright pinky shades where as Peaches & Cream is more of a, well peachy colour. I personally think that Cinnamon Glow could be used as a light bronzer if it is built up enough as it has more bronze tones to it than a blush. 

(click the picture to enlarge it fully) 
Here are some swatches so you can see what the shade pay off is from each of the blushes. When you first pick up the blush it looks like it contains a tonne of shimmer but when you actually apply it there is very little to no shimmer on your face which I think is really nice. 
Below are some close ups of the individual blushes..

Shade 1 - 
Peaches & Cream
This is one of my favourite shades to use. It gives a really nice warm glow to the cheeks. I have never owned a blush this colour before but I love it.

Shade 2 -
Another favourite of mine which I have recently started to use a little more. It gives a really nice colour pay off with only the smallest amount of product.

Shade 3 - 
Cinnamon Glow
I am yet to try this blush out apart from swatching it on my hand. I can't wait to try this out as a light bronzer as I am not a huge fan of proper bronzers. This will be a great replacement.

Shade 4 - 
Rouge Shimmer
This one has more red undertones in the veining of the blush and it honestly so pretty on the skin. It will give a beautiful rosy red blush on the cheeks which is perfect for the winter season. 

The Vivo range also has a tonne of 'Baked' eyeshadow colours, single and in pallet form which I am debating trying out in the future. If you are from the UK and live near a Tesco and haven't tried the Vivo range or even the blushes out before I highly recommend that you do because personally I love them and they have easily slipped their way into my every day routine. Let me know if you have tried any of the Vivo range out and which products you would recommend me to try!

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  1. I have the peaches and cream blush I love it it's so pretty x

  2. seen these popping around blogs and i really want the rouge one, unfortunately my tesco missed the memo about their own make up range.....x

  3. I love that you do your swatches on paper :D i'm desperate to try Vivo but there's Tesco near me that sells them! xxxxx

  4. Ive become a little obsessed with baked blushes recent. Rosy looks my kinda thing! Really need to check Vivo out. My local tesco is very limited though :/


  5. These blushes look great! I also cannot stand Taylor Momsen's style. I literally do not know what happened to the pretty Taylor Momsen!
    Thanks for following, I'm so glad you did because your blog is great!


  6. I have the Peaches and Cream one that I was sent by a Blogger secret santa, and its AMAZING. I prefer it over my MAC blush everyday!

  7. I loved the VIVO baked blushers I have Cinnamon Glow :) They last for ages I've had mine for months


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