Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Little Update

Hey every one, this is my first post done on my iPad which is kind of exciting! I thought I would do a post letting you know about a few changes to my blog that have mostly been done and decided on today.
1. Contact Email Change: I have a new email address, it is now '' this can be found in the 'Contact Me' section also.
2. Twitter Name Change: I am one for consistency so I have also changed my Twitter name to 'LoveCharXO' if you already follow me on twitter that's me, if you don't, why not!? Haha
3. Friday's Are TAG days: On Friday I never have enough time to do a decent detailed post so I have decided that for most Friday posts I will put up a TAG or something easy and fun. If you aren't interested in TAGs and such then feel free to ignore my blog on a Friday!
4. No Posts Sunday: Once I finish the 30 day beauty challenge I am doing at the moment I will no longer be posting on a Sunday. I work all weekend and on Sunday I kind of like to just come home and sit in front of the TV. One day wont make too much impact I hope :P

30 Day Beauty Challenge - Day 23
Best Bargain Makeup Item

My current choice would have to be NYC HD Mascara in extra black. It lengthens, volumises and separates lashes and it only costs £4!


  1. Ahhhh I had some difficulties getting onto your blog and it didn't come up that you had posted today! Stupid laptop. I will see if I need to follow you again.
    I actually enjoy the tags, takes me back to my Myspace days!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xxx

  2. as far as I am aware, nothing should have changed, just the name. Still the same blog page :/ XO

  3. This post has just come up on my homepage, hope it's fixed now xxx

  4. Yeah, I changed my name back now. seemed like a lot of effort for a name change. silly blog! Thanks for letting me know! XO


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