Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Decorations!

Last weekend I helped my parents put up the Christmas decorations, the final touch to the run up for Christmas Day! Our house looks kind of bare and we only have a small tree because of our dog always needing to go out to the garden so we can't put our big tree up in the living room by the door any more. Christmas is at our house this year too so we can't put the big tree up in the dining room either, no big tree this year! I thought I'd share a few pictures with you of some of the decorations we do have up though! 

Our Christmas tree! Decorated with mostly Disney decorations and a red and gold theme

Our fireplace! The stocking is out every year but santa never puts presents in it! they all go under the tree. The snowman and boy toy at the bottom are my dogs favourite thing to pull off and play with. They sing together! 

This Snowman is owned by my family, my aunty and my grandma, all three were bought by my grandma for us all! He lights up too!

Two of my favourite decorations, our two parachuting snowmen which hang from the lights in the living room!
Outside we have a light up reindeer who moves and the house is surrounded by pretty twinkling blue lights! We do have more decorations then just these but these ones are my favourites!
Have you done a similar post? Link it in the comments, I'd love to see what your decorations look like! 
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  1. This is cute. My decorations are boring. My parents ones should be ok but my mam puts no effort in to the tree and just like throws the baubles on so I have to spend ages fixing it before guests arrive when I am there on Christmas.


  2. Loving your Christmas tree and your stocking by the fire place!

  3. Soo pretty! :)
    I've been trying to do a post like this for a few days but blogger is being silly and not letting me upload all the pictures!


  4. I am digging the parachuting snowmen!!

  5. thanks for the comments girls! X

  6. your decorations are so cute and my dog is the same, pulling at everything. x

  7. I love your Christmas decorations!
    Your Christmas tree looks magical! Xx


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